Dive sites



The dive sites that we offer are located between the town of Begur and the city of Sant Feliu de Guixols.


Although all the dive sites that we propose are bathed by the same sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the fauna, the flora, the landscape and the relief that they offer us is very different.


We access each of them from shore without using a boat.


We will jointly select the dive site according to your level and experience.


You will discover the most beautiful of each point of immersion accompanied by our instructors.


Even if you repeat the dive site, we guarantee that you will not have the feeling of seeing it the same. Each site is unique and each dive is also.

Guided Fun Dive

You will discover the best part of each dive site accompanied by your instructor.

Fun dives from shore

We will take you with our van to the various dive sites we offer.

Maximum 4 divers per guide

If you are a group and want to dive together, we will adapt the diving to the less experienced diver.

Ecobriefing before each fun dive

We will share with you all our knowledge about the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean Sea.